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How our workshops help communities

All of our workshop packages have been designed to be as inclusive as possible, ensuring that whatever a school or community’s needs, we can help.

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group of children in school workshop
children engaged in a workshop
school children enjoying a workshop
kids happy and learning
a happy child at one of our workshops
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a group of children having fun in a workshop
music and sound workshop in a school
a performing arts facilitator
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children in school performance
children acting in a performing arts workshop
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school children enjoying a performance
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children performing on stage
two kids perfmoring in a school workshop
children acting in school workshop
children in costume at a school performing arts workshop
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an outstanding performance by a little boy
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a boy acting on stage


  • "Sal had an immediate impact from the moment she walked through the door! Energetic, inspirational and a grower of people!

    Her activities really captured the attention of our pupils and she worked closely with our staff to engage and develop our creative curriculum. Her work with our after school drama club was amazing and many of our children really learnt to find their inner performer and this had a direct impact in their speaking and listening behaviour across the school.

    We loved having Sal in our school and can't wait to get her back in so we can create more scenarios and really boost our experiential learning opportunities! A star performer and an inspiration to learners."

    Samantha Edben (Head of English)
    St Marys CE Primary School , Congleton

  • "I love that these regular workshops give children allocated time and permission to engage in an imaginative world.

    By working closely with some children in the nurture groups, I have noticed a distinct difference in behaviour within the classroom and around school. Sal has encouraged and nurtured particular children that needed that extra boost.

    Their social interactions with other children and confidence has improved dramatically as a result."

    Chris Quinn (Deputy Head)
    St Marys CE Primary School , Droylsden

  • "Sal brought with her an absolute armoury of skills both with children and with adults.

    Whilst retaining and enhancing all the positive aspects and character of the children's previous rhythmic compositions she provided them with a super structure around which to anchor and a clear and secure vision towards which we could all work.

    She "captained the ship," so to speak, giving the children such positive direction and a tremendous "vibe" which also served to reassure overloaded staff members. She was excellent and the production a great success."

    Jools Parker-Wade (Head of Music)
    Barkerend Primary School, Bradford

About us


  1. To build healthy and happy relationships with children and anyone that comes directly into contact with the child
  2. To promote sustainable communities through arts in education
  3. To increase connectivity, nurture well-being and raise mental health awareness within schools and coomunities
  4. We aim to engage in creative and meaningful ways with as wide a range of people as possible. Our aim is to bring storytelling, puppetry and the arts to a diverse range of the population, drawing participants and audiences from a wide range of social, economic and geographic backgrounds.


  1. To highlight the importance of arts in education.
  2. To raise consciousness about social, global and political issues.
  3. To create a safe creative space and provide equal opportunity for children to thrive and flourish.
  4. To implement a nurturing approach of mindfulness at early stages of child development.

About Our Workshops

High quality interactive arts workshops

Round The Twist delivers inspiring, engaging and high quality interactive arts workshops which allow children to engage with pioneering artists pioneering artists in the North West.

We are committed to ensuring that storytelling, puppetry and many other art forms are promoted and incorporated into a wide variety of creative works and used in as many innovative ways as possible.
Arts workshop in progress

We guarantee a positive experience for children

We deliver weekly workshops that are carefully and considerately orchestrated to access every learning type within the group. Regardless of ability, we guarantee a positive experience for every child. We ensure children will feel included, safe and secure in their learning environment.

Children at a school workshop

Uniting and connecting as a whole

Together with the children we build memorable journeys that explore complex moral and social issues, alongside high quality planning and preparation to suite your schools or organisations priorities. We are passionate and dedicated in making art and performances and documenting journeys that involve working with the children themselves, their parents and carers, and the wider community connected to them.

Teaching a school workshop

Workshop Packages for Schools

Star Package

  • Throughout the school year weekly performing arts provision will be provided, matched specifically with one of our experienced facilitators to the individual needs of your school.
  • Planning in partnership with your school to enrich your curriculum or offer additional needs outside of the curriculum.
  • Consistent opportunities for children to perform and/or have an art form in an exciting community space.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with pioneering, inspiring and local artists.
  • Annual class reports and weekly briefings on class development, in addition to individual lesson plans linked to suit your schools needs.
  • Regular ongoing training, mentoring and support of your facilitator placed in your school.
  • Option to extend weekly provision to Circle and/or Square Programs.
  • PPA Cover / Opportunity for teachers to develop their creative skillset.

Star + Circle

  • The Star Package plus the following benefits...
  • A nurture group tailored to KS1, KS2 and KS3.
  • One to one and/or small group focus on increasing self esteem and confidence in specific areas, tailored to the child’s needs.
  • Meditation and breathing techniques used with the aim of stress release.
  • Focus point of reducing challenging behaviour and increasing positive experiences of social interaction.
  • SEN / EAL support.

Star + Square

  • The Star Package plus the following benefits...
  • An after school club with a predominant focus on creating a performance with a deadline.
  • Focus on communication and literacy skillset by exploring script work, storytelling and developing characters.
  • Meditation and breathing techniques used with the aim of stress release.
  • Focus point of reducing challenging behaviour and increasing positive experiences of social interaction.

Taster Packages

Although Round The Twist believes in progressive, ongoing performing arts provision where children can gain confidence, build relationships with our facilitators and develop their skills, we also provide taster packages. If your school is unsure about committing to an annual contract, this way they can still experience Round The Twist’s unique approach to igniting a spark.

Diamond Taster

  • Linked classroom themes that can later be extended to the full academic year.
  • Aim and focus in working toward a polished piece of performance to be shown to the school, teachers and parents on the final week of the project.

The Team

We are proud to have some of the North-West’s top practitioners within our collective and also have connections to a wide range of pioneering arts-based activities. Our practitioners use a person-centred, unique approach whereby children have the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence whilst solidifying and extending their topic knowledge. Our practitioners believe learning through play is an empowering, fun and memorable learning process that is greatly needed in this current climate. Round The Twist practitioners deliver sessions in an explorative, focused and passionate manner in which children can relate, connect and trust one of our experienced practitioners.

We ensure that all our practitioners have up-to-date DBS clearance.
Please get in touch if you wish to discuss a Service Level Agreement or would like a copy of our Safeguarding policy.

Contact Us

07805 901 752

Let’s talk about how we can help you.

We love hearing from schools and organisations that are interested in working with us in the future.

If you’d like to get in touch with us and find out any more information, then please feel free to contact us directly at our creative studio, where someone will be happy to stretch a smile across your cheeks.